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Welcome to Melody Education

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Acknowledgment to country

We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the original custodians of the land we are able to learn and play on. We thank their Elders, past, present and future.

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Welcome to Melody Education Family Day Care.

Our goal is to provide child-centred care that reflects best practice to support children in becoming confident learners. Building up self-efficacy and self-esteem whilst celebrating diversity are values we instil in our curriculums, environment and community involvement.

Creating an environment that gives the children a sense of a belonging and is inclusive of all ages, cultures, family make-ups and religions is a priority in our centre. This is reflected in having various language resources, catering to various religious traditions and including each of the family’s cultures in our curriculum.

Melody Education prices one-on-one interactions that reflects each child’s needs and a partnership with parents unique to family day-cares. Families routines and diversities can be included in everyday activities creating a sense of belonging for each of the children the children.

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Our Programs

Each week differs with new fun-pack activities and excursions as we follow a curriculum that is led by the children interests, although weekly outings and programs the children take part in are fixed.

Involving weekly outings in our curriculum allows the children to explore community resources and take part in programs which are ways in which the children interact with the greater community and build confidence in public.

These include:


Local Parks


Weekly A to Zoo program

Kings park


Along with these weekly outing we also have a variety of resources that continue to extend the children’s development. Being centrally located in Perth’s south with a dedicated environment for the children’s learning and a sustainable outdoor area. We have a flexible curriculum that follows the children’s interests and also key Early Childhood resources. This includes the curriculums: My Time, Our Place and Belonging, Being and Becoming. We also work towards the children’s age appropriate milestone and include the 5 Early Learning outcomes in our program planning.

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Parents feedback

''Roselyn is the most incredible early childhood educator I have ever met. She plans activities for my child and others that are age appropriate, linked to their own interest, hands-on, varied and fun. My son has never cried and has always been happy to go to Roselyn's home. There are even days when he does not want to come home.

Roselyn always behaves in a very professional manner. She keeps us informed of policies, her program and gives us feedback each day. She also send us pictures and tells us about our son's development and achievements. Our son has got English as a Second Language and we noticed that she takes extra care in teaching him English and acknowledging his mother's tongue, which is French.

I strongly believe that Roselyn should be nominated as the 2021 National Educator of the Year because she is a very unique educator. She organises excursions daily. She takes the children to Scitech (Science centre), the zoo, the library, music workshop and to the park where she meets up with another family daycare educator so the children can play together and socialise. I have never heard of an educator who does so much for the children. Taking them out into the world so they can learn in reel and authentic environments is incredible to me. My son loves Roselyn so much and all the activities and places where they are going. It allows him to develop his language, social skills and understanding of the world around him.''


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Booragoon WA 6154, Australia

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