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About Us

Roselyn –Educator and owner

Since opening Melody Education family daycare in 2016, after working in the Education system for over 10 years, I have been committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for early years. The early years are the foundation of an individual’s development and being able to make a positive impact on each of the children in my care is a huge drive for me as an educator. Creating an educational environment, having sustainable practices, taking part in weekly excursions and working alongside each family to best support their children are all parts of my service that I strive to provide.

About Us: Our Mission

Our philosophy

At Melody Education Family Day care our goal is to provide child-centred care that reflects best practice to support children in becoming confident learners. Building up self-efficacy and self-esteem whilst celebrating diversity are values we instil in our curriculums, environment and community involvement.
Creating an environment that gives the children a sense of a belonging and is inclusive of all ages, cultures, family make-ups and religions is a priority in our centre. This is reflected in having various language resources, catering to various religious traditions and including each of the family’s cultures in our curriculum.
Melody Education prices one-on-one interactions that reflects each child’s needs and a partnership with parents unique to family day-cares. Families routines and diversities can be included in everyday activities creating a sense of belonging for each of the children the children.

Kids in Preschool
About Us: Our Mission
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